Royal hound of the Tsars, hunters of hare and wolf, loyal family companion.


The Borzoi was developed in the 16th century for hunting wild game such as hare, wolf, and deer!

They were treasured hunters and symbols of the Tsars until the Russian Revolution, where the noble Borzoi almost met their end, were it not for brave people who imported dogs to preserve the breed.


Affectionate, Loyal, Regally Dignified, Intelligent. 

Borzoi are a healthy mix of reserved regality & loyal joy. They are focused on their family, with love for everyone other dogs!

Borzoi are highly emotionally intuitive, and can make excellent ESA & Certified Therapy dog.


Borzoi are physically impressive dogs with lots of muscle and surprising strength. Early training is required to handle their build and stature.

Borzoi are prey-driven, which means they can be triggered to chase & kill small animals such as cats and small dogs. Early socialization is key to raising a Borzoi with indoor pets, but they should always be on a lead or contained outdoors.


Borzoi are extremely healthy compared to many breeds and often live to 14 years of age!

Borzoi most commonly suffer from heart defects, thyroid imbalance & Degenerative Myelopathy. Always ask your breeder for the following test results:

  • Thyroid Evaluation

  • Cardiac Exam

  • Degenerative Myelopathy DNA Test


 he ideal lifestyle with a Borzoi is one with a well fenced yard for running ability or access to a secure area for exercise. (Fences should ideally be 6' or above since these big dogs can jump quite high!) When exercised well, even apartment living is suited to them! They are just as happy being with you on the couch as they will be on hikes, walks, or even events like coursing.  An active lifestyle isn't required, but if you can take your Zoi with you on adventures they will love you all the more for it. Indoors, your Zoi will quickly learn the rules of the house and fall in step with your routine, being a clean and careful housemate. Be wary of that long nose though- Most Zoi can easily reach your countertops and anything delicious on it!

" The Borzoi is a breed that can easily fit into anyone’s life – they are that easy-going and adaptable. They are not usually noisy, and rarely bark. They love to run, but love to sit on the couch or floor beside you. They are not known for chasing sticks and balls but every now and again one will. They loved to be loved and will return it to you two-fold. Brush them lots in the spring and fall, and you’ll have one of the best most endearing friends you could ever image. They love to go on walks, meet people, sit on the couch, run after the bunny, and in general be that old hound dog that sits beside you – wrapped in beauty! "

- Excerpt from Borzoi Canada

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Borzoi are excellent family dogs, but should be watched with small kids. Borzoi are big boofers, and can unintentionally hurt a smaller kid when they are excited or playing.



When raised with small indoor pets, Borzoi learn who's family inside the home! But, anything outside that is small and furry (or feathered) may be fair game. Borzoi have strong hunting instincts and should not be punished for their prey drive, but patiently trained from an early age.


Borzoi are highly intelligent and wish to please! But, they are also very independent thinkers- bred to solve problems and make decisions on their own out when hunting. Training may take more patience than some other breeds, but many Zoi have earned their Trick Dog & obedience titles., as well as gone on to be certified service & therapy dogs.


Borzoi have earned titles in agility, lure coursing, obedience, dock diving, scent work and more! Each Zoi is different in their skillset and drive to do certain jobs, so work with your Borzoi to find their joy & skill. Your breeder can also advise you on the things their dogs typically enjoy.

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